Open Services, Interoperability, and Hypermedia: A possible Future

This talk will focus on what it means to design and support “Open Services” and the role hypermedia might play in advancing open systems. Author, speaker, and trainer Mike Amundsen will pose a series of questions aimed at identifying characteristics of open, collaborative ecosystems. For example, what are the pillars of open, interoperable systems and what can the last 20 years of the WWW teach us about what works – and what does not work – when creating specifications for an open, collaborative system?

Drawing from a history of over forty years of software architecture and design, and from more recent experience in creating loosely-coupled, reusable services, this talk explores the reasons why some specifications have lasted decades without substantial change while still successfully supporting unanticipated uses and why have other specifications, while well-thought out and carefully executed, have foundered without long-term positive impact.

The talk will also focus on the design elements that enable easy connection, sharing, & interop and explores what it takes to design-in support for evolvability and adaptability. Finally, we’ll zero in on a small set of properties that successful collaborative systems share and seek to identify what it is that OSLC can do today to better assure success in creating a community of interoperability that can safely evolve and adapt well into the future.