OSLC4JS Open Source JavaScript Client and Server Components

OSLC4JS is an open source project that is intended to provide Express.js middleware components to simplify the development of Web applications that utilize OSLC for integration. The project has the following subcomponents:

  • OSLC Browser - Multi-column navigator and graphic explorer React Web app to efficiently navigate and explore any OSLC resources
  • OSLC Client - A JavaScript client API supporting jazz.net apps (rootservices) and OSLC Discovery
  • OSLC Service - Express middleware component to add OSLC REST API to a Web application
  • OSLC Server - Sample OSLC server using OSLC Service and LDP Service
  • LDP Service - Express middleware comnponent to add LDP REST API to a Web application
  • LDP App - Sample Web application using LDP Service

This talk will summarize some of the integration challenges you may be facing, how OSLC4JS may help, and the goals and intended outcomes of the project. There will be a demo of the OSLC Browser with a brief discussion of how its React components use the oslc-client.

We’ll wrap up with a summary of the project’s current status, and a call for contribution in order to accelerate development progress.